Anushka is a contemporary line of resortwear designed for leisure, but with city flair. 

Creative director Anya Georgijevic has spent the last decade in the fashion industry as a style editor writing for top Canadian publications, including The Globe and Mail, ELLE Canada and FASHION Magazine. But before that, she was a design lover and certified fashion history geek at heart. She studied architecture at the University of British Columbia, and later earned a Master's of Fashion Studies degree from Ryerson University.

Anushka signifies a return to her roots in more ways than one. Its name comes from a childhood endearment that Georgijevic's mother coined for her, while its designs draw on her multi-disciplinary creative background. Anushka garments reflect a penchant for sculptural forms and a keen eye for detail, and are designed for timelessness and longevity beyond seasonal trends.

Each garment is produced in Toronto, Canada by a small team of extremely talented sewers. Anushka only sources sustainable materials like cotton, linen and silk.